NYC Fashion: Day-to-Evening-Wear Striped Pants

My oh my, what a whirlwind the past month has been! My boyfriend and I were in NYC two back-to-back weekends for a friend’s wedding, and then I had to stay in the city for work for 10 days after the second weekend we were there. I got back from NYC late Wednesday evening, and then we left for Texas early Friday morning, from which I came back the following Wednesday night. Let’s just say I was very tired of living out of a bag! I’m so glad to be back in Philly now, hopefully for awhile 🙂 Anyway, I wanted to share the pair of pants I’ve been obsessed with lately – they really came into handy in New York, because they’re so functional and able to mixed and matched various ways!

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Skiing for Beginners

OH HEY THERE 2017! Can y’all believe it?! We’re in a new year already + before we know it, we’ll be in this same state of shock all over again! That’s why we’re going to make 2017 the year of #more. More time for ourselves, more love, more success + more happiness. I don’t know about y’all, but experiences + adventures make me really happy. 😊 So I decided that’s what I want more of in 2017! I started off with that goal a little early at the end of December + I’m so glad I did! I went skiing for the very first time + it was so invigorating!! But I will say that it’s much harder than it looks + since skiing season is upon us, I thought I would go ahead + put together a list of a few tips* that may be helpful if you’re a first time skier too!

*Disclaimer: I am by no means a master of skiing + therefore these tips are not all-inclusive of everything you should know prior to skiing. 😊
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#EatDrinkBeMerry: Miami, FL

Happy, happy Wednesday, friends! What a whirlwind November has been so far + it’s already over! I was in Florida a couple of weeks ago for work, so a few coworkers + I decided to make a trip down to Miami for the weekend after we finished training + we had an absolute blast! 🙂 It was extremely hard to narrow down all the good food + bars we went to, but here are a few of my favorites! Continue reading

#EatDrinkBeMerry: Washington, D.C.

Howdy ho traveling friends! I spent this past weekend in Alexandria, VA with my parents, sister, BIL, and perfect little niece. It was a great little family weekend, and we had so much fun spending time with the little one. Since Alexandria is so close to D.C. (under 20 minutes), most of our daytime activities were in the city, so I figured it’d be appropriate to do my #EDBM post on D.C. vs Alexandria. 😉 Continue reading

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#EatDrinkBeMerry: Chicago, IL

Hello hello travelers! I’m really excited that my very first #EDBM post is about CHICAGO, because boy oh boy, Chicago is a serious beaut, particularly in the summertime. Unfortunately, I’ve had a couple of bad experiences in the past in that city, but I was obviously going at all the wrong times of the year. We really had a great time, and that was probably mainly due to the FANTASTIC weather that we got to enjoy all weekend long.  Continue reading