Bake With Me: Zucapple Bread

Happy New Year, Squatters! (don’t know if that name is gonna stick, but let’s roll with it for now, shall we?) It’s been a good hot minute since I’ve blogged butttt I promise I return bearing sweets! Today I’m sharing this delish recipe for a zucchini, carrot, and apple bread – aka Zucapple bread! See what I did there? Yep, totally made up another word, and we’re just gonna roll with it cause it’s 2018 and Zucapple could very well be a word. Ok, time for the recipe, cause y’all have got to try this one!
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Cook With Me: Parmesan Mushroom Risotto with Garlic Sautéed Spinach + Chik’n Tenders

Hi there, fellow foodies! I hope everyone is having a fantastic week so far, and you’re ready to celebrate #HumpDay with a delishhhh risotto that I made for the first time a few weeks ago! I originally found this recipe on Pinterest, but tweaked it to my own liking. It turned out really good, so I wanted to share it with y’all, cause most people I know love risotto just like I do! 🙂 Continue reading