NYC Fashion: Day-to-Evening-Wear Striped Pants

My oh my, what a whirlwind the past month has been! My boyfriend and I were in NYC two back-to-back weekends for a friend’s wedding, and then I had to stay in the city for work for 10 days after the second weekend we were there. I got back from NYC late Wednesday evening, and then we left for Texas early Friday morning, from which I came back the following Wednesday night. Let’s just say I was very tired of living out of a bag! I’m so glad to be back in Philly now, hopefully for awhile 🙂 Anyway, I wanted to share the pair of pants I’ve been obsessed with lately – they really came into handy in New York, because they’re so functional and able to mixed and matched various ways!

I ordered this two piece set from Romwe, but ended up only packing the pants for my trip to NYC. In this main look, I styled it with a simple green v-neck, and these gorgeous tassel earrings, also from Romwe, and some nude flats, to keep it day-time casual for exploring the city. However, I’ve also included a couple of photos at the end of the post of how I dressed up the pants a bit (on two occasions) for a more evening-appropriate look.





photo credit: my sweet friend Anitha Kuttemperoor

As promised, here are the two other ways I styled the pants (apologies for the low qual photos):


Hope y’all enjoyed how I styled this look! ’til next time,


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