CaseApp Phonecases – Review + Discount Code

Hi babes! For anyone that truly knows me, they’ll know that I spend a lot of money on phone cases – I know, I know…sounds silly right? I just feel like switching up the phone case every once in awhile makes me feel like I have a brand new phone, which I love! So when CaseApp reached out to collab, you could imagine how thrilled I was 🙂 

The first thing that I love about CaseApp is that you can design your own phone case OR laptop skin! They have a TON of designs you can choose from on their website, but you can still customize it however you’d like.


Next, they have a few different types of phone cases to choose from: normal vs tough, and matte vs glossy. I got the tough cases, which come with another little bumper insert that protects all sides and parts of your phone. For someone that’s constantly afraid of dropping and shattering her phone, I love this feature.


Finally, they have FREE standard shipping on their cases! I don’t believe in paying for shipping on phone cases (they’re so tiny!) so of course, I was a huge fan of this as well.


I did a giveaway on my Instagram with CaseApp, which is now closed – howeverrrr, y’all can still enjoy 20% off your order with my code “GOPI20”. Go on, go get creative!



’til next time,



*thank you CaseApp for sending me these two phone cases for free and for teaming up with me to allow one of my followers to design their own for free as well*





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