Misfit Ray Review

*Thank you Misfit for sending me this product for free to test out! No product review was required in exchange, so all of the statements below are honest and 100% my own, and only reflect my own opinions. The table below may not be inclusive of all of the technical features of the products.*

Happy #FitnessFriday, y’all! I’m not entirely sure if that’s a real thing, but let’s roll with it. πŸ™‚ I wanted to share with y’all my new awesome fitness tracker, the Misfit Ray, that I’m really growing to love because tbh it’s much better looking than my last fitness tracker, and as a lover of fashion, the accessories I wear are pretty important to me!Β I wanted to give y’all a comparison of it to my Fitbit Charge HR, since I’ve used both now. Keep reading to see how the two compare!

Function Misfit Ray Fitbit Charge HR
Activities tracked βœ” Steps

βœ” Distance

βœ” Calories burned

βœ” Sleep

βœ” Steps

βœ” Distance

βœ” Calories burned

βœ” Floors climbed

βœ” Active minutes

βœ” Heart rate

βœ” Hourly activity

βœ” Stationary time

Wireless syncing βœ” βœ”
iOS App βœ” βœ”
Android App βœ” βœ”
Incoming Call Notifications βœ” βœ”
Text Notifications βœ” X
Daily goal notifications βœ” βœ”
Idle Alert System βœ” X
Display βœ” Green light phone call notifications

βœ” Blue light text notifications

βœ” Orange light reminder notifications

(no actual display)

βœ” Time

βœ” Steps

βœ” Distance

βœ” Calories burned

βœ” Floors climbed

βœ” Heart rate

Water activities βœ” Waterproof (up to 50m) βœ” Sweat, rain, and splash proof
Looks/Feel – Chic

– Slim

– Not too bulky

– Slightly bulky

– Inability to switch bands

Battery life βœ” Non-charging, replaceable batteries that last up to 4 months βœ” Rechargeable battery life up to 5 daysΒ (I experienced having to recharge pretty often)
Price $120 (Amazon) $120 (Misfit website)

I hope this helped provide some insight into the two trackers if you were trying to decide between them!Β I think both are unique and great, just depends on your preferences! Overall, although my Fitbit Charge HRΒ provides more features than my Misfit Ray does, I prefer the latter because of the look/feel of it, as well as the text notifications. I love the text notifications! My friends can tell y’all how I’m usually pretty bad at responding to texts on time, because I don’t hear my phone or feel it vibrate; however, now that I feel the notification directly on my wrist, I’m (usually) more quick to reply. I miss the time display from my Fitbit, but hey – now I can also start wearing my watches again!



Happy stepping, friends!




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