BootayBag Review


*this post was entirely sponsored by BootayBag. I received these products complimentary from them in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% my own*

Hola beauties – happy Spring!! I think…I hope. The weather has been so all over the place lately, it seems like our seasons are all confused. Hopefully Spring is here to stay + not just tease us. 😉 Today I’m talking about the cutest little subscription lingerie company! Plus, they’re not just a subscription company, they’re also philanthropic! Keep reading to find out more.

BootayBag is a monthly subscription service for women that delivers two cute pairs of undies for just $12 a month. Additionally, for every photo posted with the hashtag #undermatters on social media, BootayBag delivers $1 to the Melanoma Foundation. I think that’s truly impressive!


As you can see at the very top, the two pairs that I received were super cute! I will say I think the material could have been a little better. However, keeping in mind that they are charity based + supporting a great cause, I still think the idea is wonderful. If you’re in the market + can’t seem to find the time to go shopping for lingeries, seriously consider signing up for BootayBag!


’til next time — 😘




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