Ro’MAN’tic Gift Ideas (For Him)

LADIES – Valentine’s Day is literally a few days away + I think sometimes we forget that guys need a little VDay lovin’ too! Also, being the procrastinators we all probably are (*ahem*), I’ll bet a lot of $$ that most of us are still scrambling to find the perfect gift for our special someone. That’s why as an answer to a last minute call for help, I’ve put together a list of 10 items most guys would generally enjoy + appreciate! Thankfully, we’ve still got a couple of days to decide on something, but time is flying by so we better get moving quick!

  1. JORD Watch – if you haven’t checked out this brand of watches, I highly encourage that you do! They’re super unique and the wood detail looks great on a man 😉 . Also, it can be personalized! p.s. I also have a small giveaway for this that you can enter into HERE!!
  2. Personalized collar stays – I know a lot of men who are sticklers about their collars, and use collar stays on the daily. These personalized ones are so cute for a man that can appreciate them! Plus, he’ll think of you every morning when he wears them 🙂
  3. Book a class to take together – has your man been hinting at something he’s been wanting to do lately or a class in particular he’s been begging for you to join him in? Book one for the both of you to do together! It’ll not only show him you’re listening to him, but also that you care about him enough to do something he wants to do for once.
  4. Whiskey stones & glasses – love a man who loves a good whiskey on the rocks 😉 I think this is something a lot of men want but never really get for themselves. However, something that can truly be used + enjoyed!
  5. Art of Shaving Kit – this one is fun because it gives your man an opportunity to try new shaving products + gives you a well-groomed man 😉 win-win for everyone! Jk. No, but really this brand + its products have nothing but great reviews, so I’m sure your man would love it.
  6. Beer Cap Map – for the guy that loves to try a cold one in every new city he goes to, this would be the perfect gift! (Or even a map of all Bud Light caps would be cool too…)
  7. Personalized Jersey – most guys probably already own their favorite team jerseys, howeverrr they probably don’t own one with their own name on it! Plus, considering guys practically live in their jerseys all football (or basketball) season-long, I’m sure we would all appreciate another option for them to wear as well.
  8. (Drink) Serving Cart – for any man that loves to serve up a good cocktail or two, this would be the perfect gift.
  9. Bluetooth turntable disguised as a record player – this has that fun vintage look of a real record player, but the ease of being basically a bluetooth speaker, which I personally think is so cool and guys would love it. If your man is into real record players though, that’s also a great option! You can maybe even find a Valentine’s-y record to go with it 😉
  10. Cook him his favorite dinner – of course if none of these seem appealing to you, you can cook him his favorite dinner and plan an evening for you two to enjoy together. Try to get creative to show that you truly care – you can recreate a place/city he’s been wanting to visit, or get his favorite movie to watch after dinner. 🙂

I know guys are sometimes (ok, most times) hard to shop for, but they also appreciate everything, sometimes even more than we do! I hope that these ideas help + I hope y’all have a lovely Valentine’s Day, whenever you celebrate!



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