‘Love’ly Gift Ideas (For Her)

GENTLEMEN – Valentine’s Day is quickly sneaking up on us (less than ONE WEEK away!!) + I understand why some men have a difficult time thinking of something unique + thoughtful for a Valentine’s Day gift for their lady (it’s not easy for us either!!) That’s why I’ve pulled together some last minute ideas you can still pull off (maybe with some expedited shipping) + give that special lady in your life something she’ll love!

Ladies, I’ll also be posting a gift guide for him very soon! 🙂 

  1. JORD watch – the options are endless + the watches are absolutely gorge! Your lady will def be swooning over this one (p.s. enter my giveaway HERE!!)
  2. Personalized ‘Story of Us’ – this is SUPER thoughtful + so romantic; can also be DIY, if you wanna test out your creative side!
  3. 52 Reasons I love you – this one definitely has to be DIY, but it’s pretty simple + also super cute!
  4. All the jewels – OK, don’t freak out at the sight of a ring or any jewelry! But whether it be a promise ring, a simple diamond necklace, or a thoughtful bracelet, I assure you that your lady will be all *heart eyes*.
  5. Her fave candle – nothing shows you care more than by knowing little details about her, like her favorite scented candle, or things that she finds calming.
  6. Tasting Kit from Tasting Room – these are actually so fun + a great way to try new wines! Plan a date night to try them out with her, paired with some cheese, crackers, + dessert + she’ll absolutely love it.
  7. One up yourself – personalized bottle of wine! – I’d say to save this one for a special year/anniversary/Valentine’s Day, but it’s always a great idea tbh. Nothing says ‘cheers to us!’ more than a personalized bottle of wine. 🙂
  8. Personalized jewelry – ok, ok by now you get it – personalize anything + you’ll be good as gold. BUT personalized jewelry gets bonus points!
  9. Plan an adventure/romantic dinner – if you haven’t heard of/checked out Cloud9 Living, you NEED to! It has deals for a bunch of fun things to do (i.e. learn how to fly a plane, skydiving, drive a racecar, etc.) + is available in most major cities! I’ve done the ‘Learn to Fly’ experience, + I can personally attest to how fun it is! If your lady likes doing adventurous things, I’d really recommend surprising her with one of these fun ones! Planning an intimate dinner for just the two of you is also highly recommended! Ladies love it when guys plan anything, period. 😉
  10. If all else fails – chocolate + flowers – however *DISCLAIMER* if you’re going to settle on chocolate + flowers, get creative in finding the best chocolate out there + you better know your lady’s favorite flowers (don’t assume it’s roses!). 🙂

I hope this helps! You still have this weekend to put your creativity to work should you decide to do any of the DIY projects. Even if you don’t decide to go with something on this list, just think about what your lady will love, cause I guarantee that she will love anything you put thought into. 🙂



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