Skiing for Beginners

OH HEY THERE 2017! Can y’all believe it?! We’re in a new year already + before we know it, we’ll be in this same state of shock all over again! That’s why we’re going to make 2017 the year of #more. More time for ourselves, more love, more success + more happiness. I don’t know about y’all, but experiences + adventures make me really happy. 😊 So I decided that’s what I want more of in 2017! I started off with that goal a little early at the end of December + I’m so glad I did! I went skiing for the very first time + it was so invigorating!! But I will say that it’s much harder than it looks + since skiing season is upon us, I thought I would go ahead + put together a list of a few tips* that may be helpful if you’re a first time skier too!

*Disclaimer: I am by no means a master of skiing + therefore these tips are not all-inclusive of everything you should know prior to skiing. 😊

FIRST: Eat a (big) healthy breakfast.

I’ll start off by saying that skiing is a pretty incredible workout + more likely than not, your stomach won’t remind you of that until you’re at the top of the mountain. So I’d recommend eating a full + healthy breakfast at the start of the day to avoid a grumbling stomach while you’re trying to enjoy skiing. If you’re not a big breakfast person, try to eat a banana or a handful of almonds before beginning, just as if you were about to go to the gym for a workout. Also, keep a granola bar or a small snack in one of your jacket pockets (ski jackets have a million pockets, I’m sure you’ll find an empty one for a snack😊.) – you know…just in case you get stuck in the middle of the slope + need a little break (I may be speaking from experience… ;).)

SECOND: Take a beginner’s course, if your resort offers one.

I know a few people that have thought they can get the hang of skiing on their own without taking the beginner’s course. But let me also tell you that each of those people also told me that they regretted not taking the course their very first time skiing. So, my next tip is to make sure + take the course – it’s totally worth it! It’s usually about an hour long + they will likely teach you the basics (like how to stop, which is extremely important!).

THIRD: Master your brakes.

Like I just mentioned above, learning how to stop on the slopes will make or break your overall skiing experience. There’s a few different ways to do this, all of which hopefully your course instructor will go over with you. One of them is called “pizza”, which is where you basically move your ski’s inwards to look like a slice of pizza (#yum). If you can’t get yourself to stop on the slopes, don’t be afraid to ask the instructor some better techniques on how to do so. The last thing you want is to crash into someone (or something!) because you couldn’t figure out how to brake yourself.

FOURTH: Practice, practice practice. 

Similar to any other sport, skiing requires a lot of practice before you can really get comfortable with + good at it. Once you get the basics down, I recommend spending a good deal of time on the bunny slopes + getting yourself used to the slopes. I also recommend spending some time practicing how to get up with your skis still on – trust me, this is much harder than it looks, especially in the middle of the slopes.

FIFTH: Try out the next level, if you feel comfortable.

I don’t think anyone learns skiing to stick to the bunny slopes forever (but totally cool if you do!), however don’t be pressured to try out black diamond or above on your first day either. If you think you’ve mastered the bunny slopes and getting yourself back up after a fall, give the blue squares a shot + work your way up the slope hierarchy. I tried the second and third harder slopes at our resort + pretty much had mental breakdowns in the middle of both, so I skied myself back to the bunny slopes. I still had a great time!


FINALLY: Dress very, very warm.

More than a tip, this is just restating the obvious. Coming from experience, it gets extremely cold on those slopes, especially mixed in with snow sneaking into your clothing when you fall. If you’re planning on night-skiing, the snow turns slightly icy + naturally the temperatures drop, which makes it feel even colder. If possible, take an extra pair of hand gloves that you can switch into mid-day, so you’re not dealing with a cold, wet pair all day.


I hope all of these tips help if you’re a first time skier! Overall, just have fun with it + don’t be too hard on yourself. 🙂 We had so much fun + we’re hoping to keep this as an annual hobby/trip! If you’re an experienced skier, comment below with your favorite resort or places to ski – I would love to check out some more!

Til next time, my little snow bunnies,


p.s. The resort we went to was Liberty Mountain! Def would recommend it to anyone and everyone! 😊

4 thoughts on “Skiing for Beginners

  1. Helena Marz says:

    I used to do Cross country skiing when I was a kid and had so much going down the hill! I need to learn how to ski downhill and it looks like so much fun! Thank you for sharing these tips❤️ Xo


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