Halloween Costumes for Procrastinators

OK, so if you’re anything like me when it comes to Halloween costumes, you’re currently realizing that Halloween is just a few days away + you have yet to figure out what TF you’re gonna be this year. Can’t go dressed as a nerd again, cause welllll…people may start to think that it’s no longer actually just a costume. ;). Not gonna be a bunny or a ‘cat’ like every other girl at the party, sooo…without further adieu, let’s brainstorm some ideas, shall we?!

I assume if you’re reading this post, you’re in desperate mode to find something super simple to make or put together. With that in mind, these are all fairly low difficult/effort level, in my opinion! I’ve noted how difficult I think it will be for each one too. 🙂

(Disclaimer: none of these, except for #1, are my ideas specifically, nor have I used any of these costumes in the past – hence not my photos either.)

1. Starbucks latte – for all my co-coffee lovers. <3. Difficulty/effort level: 6

How to:

  • Wear a “Starbucks drink”-colored dress/outfit (remember that they have various colored drinks now too!)
  • Cut a “coozie” out from a cardboard box, big enough to wrap around you. Print out the Starbucks logo + glue it onto the coozie. Add your own “shots” + “milk” types to the back 😉
  • Go grab an empty cup + lid from your nearest Starbucks. Glue the lid to an old headband with some white feathers (which will be your “cool whip”).
  • Use the empty to Starbucks cup for your drink all night 😉

Here are some photos of when a friend + I did this idea a couple years ago + we were a huge hit! Cause honestly, who doesn’t love coffee? No one.

2. Real life ‘deer’ Snapchat filter – since this filter has been uber pop this year, why not bring it to life? Difficulty/effort level: 4

How to:

  • Exaggerate your makeup (esp the eye area – extreme falsies are key here)  + wear some deer ears

Refer to this girl:


(The dog snapchat filter is pretty easy too!)

3. Your top emoji – ok, let’s be real…this time next year, we’re all gonna be having full on emoji conversations, so we may as well get that party started now. Difficulty/effort level: 3

How to:

  • Find some yellow paper + draw on your favorite/most used emoji. Stick it on a popsicle stick + use it as a mask all night. *wear all black* This is fun to do with your friends as well!

Refer to this group:


Or you could also be this with your bestie!


4. Do it for the ‘gram – pretty much all dressing up on Halloween is for, right? Right. Difficulty/effort level: 7

How to:

  • Cut out an Insta square in a cardboard box + decorate the border like one too. Add fun little Halloween themed #hashtags at the bottom in your “caption”!

Refer to this girl:


5. Beyoncé in Lemonade – who doesn’t think of Beyoncé in her perfect yellow dress + baseball bat, acting like a major BA, any time they hear the word “lemonade” now? (if you are confused right now, stop reading + go watch this right now. then come back + carry on.) If you have a long mustard-colored dress, this is perfect for you! Difficulty/effort level: 4

Here’s your inspiration:



p.s. Please (PLEASE) do NOT actually take a baseball bat to anyone’s car window that night.

Other ideas off the top of my head:

  • Donald Trump – there is SO much you could do with this. All you really need is an orange wig + some (actually, a lot) of spray tanning.
  • Bill Clinton – like a kid in a candy store with the balloons!
  • Lemonade – grab some lemons + get creative with Bey’s album
  • OITNB characters – bonus points for this idea being SUPER comfortable (hint: orange + beige colored scrubs)

Of course there’s always THIS genius idea, for those who have just given up altogether. ;).


I hope this helped! Whatever you decide to dress up + go as this Halloween, just have fun with it + do whatever you’re comfortable with! 🙂 Happy (+safe!) Halloween, friends!!



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