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#EatDrinkBeMerry: Chicago, IL

Hello hello travelers! I’m really excited that my very first #EDBM post is about CHICAGO, because boy oh boy, Chicago is a serious beaut, particularly in the summertime. Unfortunately, I’ve had a couple of bad experiences in the past in that city, but I was obviously going at all the wrong times of the year. We really had a great time, and that was probably mainly due to the FANTASTIC weather that we got to enjoy all weekend long. Sadly, we didn’t hit all the ‘touristy’ activities that we had planned out (*womp*womp*), but my Google doc did come in handy for a lot of our food and drink spots. I’ve got my top choice for each category below (food, drinks, and something fun to do in the city!), but let me know if you’d like to see more. If you’re ever planning on visiting Chicago, definitely try to squeeze these places in!

 Eat: Summer House Santa Monica 

My favorite food place this weekend was Summer House Santa Monica. We went there for brunch on Saturday, and it just has the cutest, swankiest feel to it. The atmosphere is very California-y, and I am always down to pretend that I’m in California. Everything is very open and almost feels like a large greenhouse, with glass windows above you and all around the front. I ordered the Mexican Hashbrowns, and besides being slightly salty at points, the food was delish! I also ordered the Passion Fruit Margarita, which was a great brunch drink. Overall, I highly recommend checking this place out – it has an amazing laid-back ambiance that’s great for brunch or otherwise.

#TravelingPose #TravelingDiaries #Chicago #EDBM #EatDrinkBeMerry #SummerHouseSantaMonica #ChicagoTravel #BlogFashion #BlogTravel

Drink: Three Dots and a Dash 

Oh my goodness, y’all – although this place was super packed and we had to wait almost an hour for a table, Three Dots and a Dash was so fun and cute! It’s a Hawaiian themed tiki-bar, snuggly hidden downstairs in a random alleyway. The presentation of their drinks is impressive, and they do a great job of really taking their time on your order…which could also be a downside, because we waited almost 45 minutes to get drinks. Nonetheless, they were really tasty and slightly heavy on the alcohol. I recommend the Three Dots and a Dash cocktail – #SoBasic, I know…but it was good! All in all, once we got our drinks and got seated, we truly enjoyed this place with our friends – the music was great too!


 Be Merry: The Skydeck Chicago 

Like I mentioned earlier, we didn’t quite do all the touristy things we had planned for the weekend (sigh), but we did go to The Skydeck Chicago, at the top of Willis (Sears?) Tower. It really was fun to see the city from 103 floors above ground…not the most fun to feel the building swaying ever so slightly from the wind. We enjoyed the view because it was such a clear day out, quite opposite than the rain that was in the forecast – thank goodness. Quick tip to skip the long line is to buy your tickets ahead of time (if you’re sure you’re going). Then you get to cut to the front of the line to purchase tickets at the Skydeck and just go straight to the window to convert your email ‘voucher’ to physical tickets – kind of like a will call. We bought our tickets from 365 Tickets and we were also able to Google a discount code, so we saved about $5 on each ticket. Not bad!


Overall, Chicago was wonderful and a great weekend getaway. We loved walking around everywhere, and going to rooftop bars to enjoy the weather. We’ll definitely be planning another trip back there (to hopefully check off the rest of my Google doc 😉 ), probably next summer.

Okie dokie, off to go plan my next weekend getaway! Where are you off to next? Comment below, I’d love to hear! ‘Til next time, beauts – xoxo.



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