Hii beauts (and beaus!), and welcome to the wonderful world of Squats & Swatches! My name is Gopi, and I am beyond excited to share my own take on fashion, beauty, fitness, and travel tips with you! This is my first “blog” post ever (err, we’re not counting my Xanga days from the early 00’s, right?), so bear with me here.

I finally took the bait and decided to start this fun and exciting (but sometimes kinda scary!) journey to document some of my favorite outfits, beauty tips that I’ve learned and tweaked along the way, and my newfound passion for fitness. I’ve lost count of how many times friends, family, and random people at the mall have told me that they never would’ve thought to put together an outfit like I did. Although I’m not sure if that was ever meant to be a compliment or not, I’ll take it as one! (Disclaimer: I’m no fashion expert (or MUA or fitness guru for that matter), and don’t think of myself to be one. I just love thinking of new ways to wear different statement pieces, and sharing that with other people.) I also love gettin’ all glammed up every once in awhile (okay, what girl doesn’t though?), so I think I’ve learned a few good beauty tricks here and there so that I don’t look like a complete hot mess before a night out on the town. And finally, my latest love/hate relationship with fitness. Oh, gymmie…I apologize for constantly sending mixed signals. I promise it’s not personal…it’s me, not you. Let’s just say that I’m still working on finding that daily motivation to work out (is it really just me, or does hitting the snooze button ’til 7:00am not sound better than waking up at 6:00am to work out?), but that’s why I’m taking all of you along for the ride with me! Maybe one of you can help me find that motivation, that’s currently buried so deep in ice cream, Doritos, and chocolate. All jokes aside, I am definitely getting much better about my workout routine, so I will be sharing some of my favorite tips that I hope to help all of you out as well!

There we have it! My very first blog post complete (phew!), and so much to look forward to. Thank you for hopping aboard the Squats & Swatches Express – I assure that you’re in for a fun ride!




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